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Can I hang my swing from 2 points instead of 4? 
Yes, you can. Just keep in mind the weight limit will only be 640 lbs. with a 2-point ceiling connection. With a 4-point ceiling connection, your weight limit would be 1280 lbs. Each of our ceiling hooks are rated for 320 lbs.

Another thing to consider is your swing size. If you are purchasing a larger swing (full size or above), there may be a tipping factor to adjust or work around when hanging from 2 points only. A 2-point ceiling connection equals more “swing” to your swing. Please leave enough room behind the swing for movement

**Always hang your swing from 4 points when possible.
Do you have a showroom where I can see swing beds in person? 
Our showroom is closed. We are currently only accepting online orders.
Do you offer designer discounts, wholesale pricing, or industry incentives? 
Unfortunately, we no longer offer designer discounts or wholesale pricing as a result of our rapidly growing inventory demand. Feel free to review all pricing information online at You can add items into your cart for grand totals if you are trying to give your client an estimate. We also do not offer dealer accounts or credit terms. Thanks so much and happy shopping!
Do you offer onsite consultations? 
When you measure your porch (width and depth), feel free to send us a photo along with those measurements to We can provide you with an email/phone consultation!
Do you ship outside of the Continental US?
We currently only ship to states within the Continental US. We do not currently ship to Hawaii, Alaska, or the Caribbean islands. We do not ship to other countries. We also do not ship to Canada or ME
How do I adjust the height of my swing bed if the rope has settled? 
Please note that 1”-1.5" rope may settle and stretch more over time than 3/4" rope, meaning that you may need to adjust your swing bed periodically. To adjust your swing, simply lift up on both side of the swing and place a 5-gallon bucket underneath the right side of the swing, and another 5-gallon bucket underneath the left side of the swing. You may also use a different sturdy prop underneath the base of the bed to release all weight from the ropes if 5-gallon buckets are not readily available. Once the swing's weight is fully supported by the buckets, and not the rope, un-tie each knot. After the knots are un-tied, pull the rope tight and re-tie each knot at a higher location than before. Once all 4 knots are re-tied, you can lift up on the swing and remove the buckets, letting the swing hang freely again. To tighten the knots further, press down on each side of the swing bed to level out both sides.
How do I install my swing bed? (click here for entire answer)
We always recommend that a licensed, general contractor hang your swing bed for you. Preferably a contractor with home-building experience. We also provide a DIY instruction at the link above
How do I know if my ceiling will support a swing bed?
First and foremost, we always suggest having a general contractor look at your ceiling to evaluate where the joists are located and guarantee structural support. Almost all ceilings are built with some  kind of support beam and/or joist system in place. As long as you can locate those joists and determine if the dimensions of the swing bed match up with where you'd like to place it, you shouldn't have any problems. We do recommend that a general contractor hang the swing for you as well. Always remember that we can make a swing in any size to work with the configuration of your support system.

If your support beams do not coincide perfectly with where you'd like your swing to hang, and you don't know exactly what size swing will work, we can offer ceiling brackets. The brackets would be attached to the outside of your ceiling and connect to your support beams wherever they are located. This bracket can then be used to secure your swing hooks. This allows you to place your swing wherever you'd like and ensure the ropes/chains will hang completely straight up and down. See video of bracket attachment for further clarification:

How do I tie a knot in the rope? 
A standard knot is the best knot to use at the base (or below) the swing bed. Just a standard single knot -- pull the knots tightly, and then the weight of the swing bed will further tighten the knots
How long do I have to wait for my swing bed and cushions to arrive? 
Our current lead time for large custom Swing Beds is an average of 18- 22 weeks prior to delivery. Cushions are currently only taking 4-6 weeks, but we will try to coordinate similar arrival times if you are purchasing a complete package.
How much clearance is needed on all sides of a swing bed? 
Please allow at least one foot of clearance on all sides, including the back. You will want to leave additional room in front of the swing so that you can easily walk up to sit down. 
If I go ahead and order, can you hold my order while my home is being built? 
Please place your order with a deliverable address. If we are asked to hold any order past its ship date, we will charge a hold fee of $50 per week. Once the swings have been shipped, we no longer are responsible for storage if you decide to hold delivery.
Is all hanging hardware included? 
All hanging hardware is included with the purchase of one of our hanging options (rope, chain, and/or s-hooks). If you purchase the swing only, without rope/chain/s-hooks, you will not receive ceiling hardware.
What are the outdoor cushions made of and how do I clean my fabric? Do we sell just the Sunbrella cushion covers? 
What are the outdoor cushions made of and how do I clean my fabric? Do we sell just the Sunbrella cushion covers?
Our outdoor cushions are made of densified polyester and Dacron to resist mold, mildew and bacteria growth. Our cushions are 100% outdoor durable with an open-cell technology to release water. A normal store-bought mattress is not outdoor durable and will mildew very quickly. We suggest at a minimum, purchasing an outdoor mattress with all of our swings. We cannot be held responsible for mattresses/cushions bought elsewhere, or how they affect the condition of the swing’s wood.

Our cushions come with a 1-year warranty. All cushion covers are zippered on. However, the best way to wash your cushions is with a little soap and a hose set on the hard setting. Then simply let the cushions dry in the sun. For stubborn stains, you can actually use a small amount of bleach. Sunbrella/Outdura fabrics are all bleachable, even dark colors are colorfast. Lastly, you can always wash your cushion covers by removing them, zippering them closed before washing, and laying them flat to dry.

Obviously white and light colors may show dirt quicker than other colors. Choose based on your personal preference.

Additional Information:
1. They are 100% outdoor durable with an open cell technology to allow water to pass through.
2. They are made of a polyester blend and Dacron to prevent mold, mildew and bacteria growth.
3. All of our cushions include a zippered fabric cover in the color/pattern of your choice. Piping/welting can be chosen in any color as well (even a contrasting color if preferred). Or you can choose no piping/welting for a more modern look.
4. All of our fabrics are the same price despite any cost per yard you might see. Piping/welting does not cost extra.
5. We have 1000’s of fabrics to choose from. We offer anything from the Sunbrella Upholstery line:
6. We have our top 50 color choices within the drop down menus listed under each cushion item.
7. We do not sell just the covers for a few different reasons: • A cover alone does not make the cushion outdoor durable. • A normal mattress is not outdoor durable and will mildew very quickly. • Our covers never seem to fit properly onto normal mattresses or inserts bought elsewhere. • It’s not cost effective to buy the mattress insert and cover separately. Our covers carry most of the cost.
What fabric colors and patterns do you offer? 
Take your time, review all fabric options, and please let us know if you'd like to receive a few samples (additional charge). Additionally, most local fabric stores carry the Sunbrella fabric books if you prefer to look or go to
What is the weight limit?
Our ceiling hooks are rated for 320 lbs. each, for a total weight limit of 1280 lbs. when hanging from 4 points. If you choose to hang your swing from 2 points only, the weight limit will be half at 640 lbs.
What paint colors and stain colors are available?
Feel free to review our standard finish options below. If choosing teak or a customized Benjamin Moore/Sherwin Williams paint color, your lead time and price may be increased. *
Which type of wood should I choose?
We offer pressure-treated, kiln dried Pine, Cedar and Teak. Pine is best for our budget-conscious clients and looks best in a solid paint (such as Black, White, Dark Gray, or a customized Benjamin Moore /Sherwin Williams paint color). Pine does have the tendency to warp over time, which is something we like to explain to all clients.

Cedar is a very stable wood that does not warp over time like Pine. Many homes up North are made of cedar to withstand the snow and rainfall. Cedar looks beautiful bare (to gray naturally over time), with a clearcoat sealant to preserve the original wood color, or in any of our other finish options. Cedar is very versatile, and it is our most frequently purchased.

Teak is our mack-daddy wood choice. Teak will last outdoors for 15+ years and looks amazing bare or hand oiled. Teak does not warp, and it is a very hard wood.
Why choose chain or steel s-hooks over rope? 
Chain and Steel S-hooks look great with some of our designs: The “Ion”, The “Peninsula”, and The “Windermere” in particular. You can choose just chain, or you can do a combination of chain and hook.